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Genealogy Resources

Family Search
Maintained by Latter Day Saints (LDS) church and committed to provide genealogy search for free this website is completely run by volunteers so there is no fee to access the database. It spans billions of names across hundreds of collections - including birth, death, marriage certificates and more.

Our Timelines
This website gives the opportunity to find out what was happening historically during the lifetime of one of your ancestors or yourself. Guests can generate as many timelines as they wish completely free.

Native American Genealogy
Free information about Native Americans or Canada's First Nation People. Large database is a great tool for historians, genealogists or anyone searching for their ancestry.
One of the world's largest online resource for family history. It features more than 10 billion historical records including 136 million photographs, scanned documents and written stories. There is a membership fee for accessing the database.
This page lets you search old websites that is no longer available on the internete or has been changed. They have over 150 billion cached copies of old websites. For genealogy search click "Texts" then "Additional Collections" and choose "Genealogy".

AfriGeneas Library
This database contains transcribed records of African-Americans. Visitors can search through marriage records, directories, family histories, newspaper articles, slave records and more.

Bureau of Land Management General Land Office Records
A free government website allowing to search about parcels of land. In short, if any of your relatives obtained a land from the US government from 1820, he can be found in this database.

Japanese Immigrants to the United States 1887-1924
A collection of records about the first Japanese immigrants to Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho states. Includes census, cemetery records, obituaries and local histories.

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
A free resource of transcribed ship passenger lists. Maintained by volunteers it has already more than a million transcribed records.

Ellis Island Free Port of New York Passenger Records Search
Ellis Island Free Record Database allows to search for immigrants who entered U.S. at Ellis Island of the Port of New York between 1892 and 1924. Visitors can search free of charge by names, year of arrival, year of birth, town of origin or ship name.

National Archives Research Catalog
Online catalog of the U.S. National Archives. It features thousands of resources, scanned documents and transcribed documents to view online. Records include birth, death, military and other certificates.

Library and Archives Canada
Assembled all Canadian archived databases and records for births, deaths, marriages, census, immigrations, land, military and other records.
Free online resource for searching family history. A great place to start genealogy searches.
Oldest and one of the largest free genealogy website. Supported by it features not only a large database of records, but also provides information how to build a succesful family tree.
Website containing large database for family history searches. Offering more than 2,3 billion records it includes birth, death, marriage, divorce and historic vital records. There is a membership fee.

National Archives of Australia
This is an online catalog of the National Archives of Australia. Guests can search records, photograps, maps, and recordings with digital images.

Le Dictionaire Genealogique
Works by famous French Canadian priest and historian Cyprien Tanguay. His works includes the genealogies of early French Canadian families dating from 1608to about 1760.

German Military Grave Registration
The free database containing names of missing or dead soldiers from both World War I and World War II.

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